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When to Plant Asparagus In Illinois

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There are two options for growing asparagus: the "crowns", and the bulbs. Both types of plants are slow to establish so it is best to begin your gardening season as soon as possible. For asparagus to thrive, it needs good drainage, fertile soil and a sunny spot. The ideal garden bed should be well-aerated, but the soil must also be well aerated. You should inspect the ground after you have planted your asparagus bulbs.

You will need to purchase one or two year-old crowns in order to start growing asparagus from seeds. These plants will grow much faster than seed-grown ones, but they will suffer from transplant shock and will not produce as quickly. One-year-old crowns can be purchased from a reputable nursery to avoid transplant stress. The crowns should not be damaged or diseased and should be planted immediately. Plant asparagus crowns five feet apart to get the best taste and size.

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Each year you can plant asparagus crowns. First, dig a 12-inch deep trench. Then space them 18 inches apart. Mixing a little rockphosphate with the soil will help to promote strong root development. These pesky insects can be attracted by a slugtrap. You can either plant your asparagus crowns one after another or all at once. A few weeks later you can harvest your first spears and enjoy them.

To plant your asparagus crowns, you need to dig a hole and place the crowns in it. Cover the crowns with soil for about 2 inches after they have sprouted. Spread the soil evenly over them. You should water your crowns thoroughly every week. To maintain healthy asparagus and beautiful spears, you should fertilize your plants every two to three week. Keep in mind that plants can not produce the best spears the first year. These are some of the growing tips.

Asparagus is one the first crops that springs up, and the stalks that look like ferns are the first to grow. Once the stalks have been harvested, the plants will begin to produce spears which are rich sources of vitamins and mineral. It takes around two to 3 years for full production. This means that the harvest should yield plenty of healthy spears. It is essential to conduct a thorough soil test before you start your asparagus planting. A professional may be able to test your soil and give you the necessary information.

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Paragus crowns should be planted in a trench about twelve to thirty inches deep. The crowns should be placed eight to twelve inches apart with the tips slightly higher than the ground. Once the crowns become fully mature, allow them to continue growing in the soil. When fall arrives, you can cut them down to the ground. It will continue to grow in the years that follow. You can fertilize asparagus plants every two years.

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When to Plant Asparagus In Illinois