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How to Grow Peppermint Plants

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Peppermint is a hybrid of watermint, spearmint, and mint. It is a common plant that is found in Europe and the Middle East. However, it has been planted in many gardens and homes throughout the world. It can sometimes be found wild alongside its parent species. This article explains the history and uses for peppermint. Let's look closer. Read on to learn more about this fragrant and delicious perennial.

Peppermint plants are very hardy and can survive short periods of cold and light frosts. It needs a temperature range of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and above to grow optimally, but it will also tolerate warmer or colder temperatures. It grows best in a humid, slightly warm climate with good drainage. It is susceptible to rot. It can be grown from seeds but it must be separated from other plants.

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To ensure rooting success, the cuttings should not be taken before the end of the growing season. This will allow your plant to focus its energy on its roots. After rooting is completed you can either transplant the peppermint to a larger plant or directly into the garden. The peppermint plants prefer cool, moist conditions. It thrives in well-drained soil.

Besides being used for cooking and baking, the peppermint plant can be grown as an ornamental plant. It is best to plant it in a container or in a raised bed. You can even incorporate it into your flower gardens. It can be added to flower gardens to add some minty flavor. It will need moist soil, and it should be well-drained. For best results, fertilize it regularly with a mild granule fertilizer.

To grow peppermint, you must first cut the stolons. When they start to grow, the stolons produce runners. The cuttings should be cut between six and eight inches long. Peppermint will thrive in a pot. The plants will produce small, long leaves. The seedlings should be planted in a planter or in the garden 18 to 24 inches apart.

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Once the peppermint has reached the desired size, you can divide it. It is best to remove the roots from peppermint plants at least 6 inches deep. After the leaves have dried, they will sprout and make a beautiful addition to your garden. The leaves can also be frozen for later use. The only downside is that the plants can grow in containers. It is relatively easy to propagate peppermint.

After you have cut the stems, you will need to plant your peppermint plant. The cuttings should have stems and healthy leaves. You should ensure that the cuttings are between 4 and 6 inches in height. After cutting the stems, place them in small glasses of water. Make sure that they are given enough room to grow. Once they have been trimmed, you can put them in a container.

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How to Grow Peppermint Plants