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How to build an indoor wall planter DIY

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If you want a DIY plant wall that looks great and makes you feel like a gardener, start by choosing the right area and wall to display it on. The space must be structurally sound, strong enough to support the weight of your plants, and bright enough to receive natural sunlight throughout the day. The kitchen, living area, and bedroom are good places to mount a DIY wall. You may be able, depending on the shape and size of the wall to hang a plant-filled window chair, but this is a bit more difficult.

Selecting the right plants is the first step in building a DIY wall. You should choose plants with similar light and water requirements. It is not a good idea pairing a drier plant alongside one that enjoys humidity. The space where it is is is another thing to consider. Without adequate lighting, plants will not survive. If you're placing the plant wall in a window, be sure to pick a plant that enjoys a lot of light.

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You can also buy vertical pots and a trellis to create a DIY plant wall. You'll need 1x4 lumber as well as 4x4 post. Installing the posts and lumber will require a drill, as well as a hole saw. A few plants will fill the trellis and make the DIY plant wall look great. Next is choosing the right plants to grow in the space. If you are unsure about what plant to grow, consider choosing taller plants.

Because it doesn't need an irrigation system, the DIY plant wall is a great project for beginners. It instead uses lightweight plastic nursery plants with drainage holes to keep your plants healthy. You should measure the spaces between each plant and ensure you choose plants that fit into the respective pockets. Let excess water drain from the pots when you are done planting. If you don’t have enough room, you can always use a larger piece of plastic and staple the fabric onto the back.

Besides using real plants, the DIY plant wall also uses wooden planks, dowels, and other materials. You can use wood dowels and wooden planks to build a plant wall and large shelves to hold heavy plants. A wooden rack or trellis kit can be purchased. DIY versions can be a great option to bring nature into your home. This project is perfect for gardeners.

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A living wall allows you to incorporate plants into your house in a unique way. The living wall is created by vertically growing plants. It can give your house a new dimension. For a unique touch, add a plant to every wall. You can place a plant in each corner of a wall if there is not enough space. You can also hang a planter on each of the walls if you have more space. But make sure the plants are appropriate to the place.

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How to build an indoor wall planter DIY