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Herbal Garden Design Plans - Creating a Basic Herbal Garden Layout

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Simple layouts for herb gardens will allow you grow many different plants within the same area. The herb garden will be easily accessible by guests via a walkway or steppingstone. It will also be a great way to make your space more attractive. Avoid building your own bed and use pre-formed kits for best results. In addition to saving time, these kits are easy to maintain.

It is beautiful to have herb gardens along the sides of a fence. Therefore, it is advisable to plant taller plants on the north-facing side of your garden. This will allow for maximum sun exposure. If you have limited space, you can plant shade-loving herbs in front of taller herbs. Taller herbs will shade shorter plants. Low-growing herbs can be placed along the sides if space is limited. Plant the herbs that prefer less sunlight in your front garden. The sun-loving plants should be located in the back.

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You must decide whether your garden will be formal or informal in order to grow herbs. If you are planning a formal garden, it is important to plan ahead. Formal designs will include a simple geometric design, with edgings or pathways. While an edging is an important part of a formal design, it's also an option to use a low-growing lavender shrub as an edging. Consider using multiple containers if you have an informal herb garden.

Raised gardening beds aren't the only way to grow herbs. For instance, you can create a themed garden by combining several different types of herbs. Square-foot gardening works in the same way. Square foot herb gardens will help you save water and weeds. It will allow you to make the most of what space you have. It can be placed outside of the kitchen door. This layout will allow for you to cook in the privacy of your own home.

Your plants will appreciate the beauty and utility of herbs. You can make a colorful herb garden with contrast colors. It will appeal to the eye because of the color of the plants and the foliage. A garden that is zigzag-shaped will be more attractive and visually appealing than one that has only one planter. It will take more effort to create a zigzag-shaped garden, but it will allow for you to grow many herbs at once.

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This will allow you to have a stunning garden in a smaller space, even though it is more difficult. The best layout to plant herbs in an herb garden is one that allows for them to thrive under various conditions. It is possible to grow herbs in a small area. An herb garden with a small deck or window is an excellent solution for small spaces.

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Herbal Garden Design Plans - Creating a Basic Herbal Garden Layout