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Plan for a Herbal Garden - How to Create a Basic Layout

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Simple layouts for herb gardens will allow you grow many different plants within the same area. The herbs will be within easy reach of a steppingstone or walkway, and the entire garden will be accessible for guests. It will also be a great way to make your space more attractive. Pre-formed beds are best and you can avoid making your bed by purchasing pre-formed ones. These kits save time and are easy to maintain.

You can create beautiful herb gardens on the fence sides. Plant tall plants on your north side to get sun exposure. Shade-loving plants can be planted next to taller herbs if space is tight. Shade-loving plants that are shorter than taller will get shaded by taller herbs. If space is tight, place low-growing herbs on the sides of your garden. Plant the herbs that prefer less sunlight in your front garden. The sun-loving plants should be located in the back.

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If you want to plant herbs in your garden, you need to decide if you want it formal or informal. Plan your layout for a formal garden in advance. A formal garden will feature a geometric layout with edgings, paths and other elements. Choosing an edging plant is an important element of a formal garden, but it's also a good idea to use a low-growing lavender hedge as an edging plant. You might consider using multiple sections to your herb garden if it is informal.

Raised gardening beds aren't the only way to grow herbs. A theme garden can be created by mixing different types of herbs. Square-foot gardening follows the same principles. Square-foot herb gardens can help you conserve water and reduce weeds. It will allow you to make the most of what space you have. You can even place it outside the kitchen door. This layout allows you to cook at your home.

Your plants will appreciate the beauty and utility of herbs. An example of this is a colorful, contrasting-colored herb garden. It will be more attractive to the eye if it has different colors of flowers and foliage. A garden that is zigzag-shaped will be more attractive and visually appealing than one that has only one planter. It will take more effort to create a zigzag-shaped garden, but it will allow for you to grow many herbs at once.

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This is a more difficult method, but you will still be able to create a beautiful garden even in a small area. You can grow herbs in many different environments by choosing the best layout for your herb garden. It is possible to grow herbs in a small area. If you have a small patio, an herb garden with a small window or deck is a great solution.

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Plan for a Herbal Garden - How to Create a Basic Layout