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Small Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

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Determining your space is key to small gardening. A long, narrow bed or a windowless balcony will draw the eye, so place your standout feature at the end of the bed. You can also grow plants in pots if you have limited space. It is best to rotate your plants every three to four years. If you want to plant tomatoes, for example, you should not plant them in the same year as peppers or other solanaceous plants.

For smaller spaces, plant ferns, cacti, or other herbs. Containers can be used to alter the appearance of your garden, without having to remove the soil. It will also help you avoid sun exposure. One of the easiest small gardening ideas is to use canning jars to grow herbs and spices. These can be used on the floor or on the table. A hanging herb and spice rack can be made from canning containers.

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One or two plants can be grown in one small container. These plants should be easy to maintain. You should choose low-maintenance plants if you are planning on planting flowers. Avoid plants that are aggressive, invasive, and/or spread quickly. These plants will not thrive in a small area. They are very demanding and require extensive care. To combat parasites, you can also use natural remedies.

It's crucial to utilize the vertical space for your small garden when you are planning to plant it. To make a space appear full of greenery, you can plant plants on a wall. Hanging planters on your windows or inside your house can also be an option. These planters can be used to grow vegetables and herbs. Hanging planters are also a great way to make a living wall. To learn how to build your living wall, check out our guide on living walls.

The addition of plants can help you define areas in a small backyard garden. You can create a play space for your child or a quiet spot for your pet. Plants that are suitable for children can be added. They will love the shady area and the gnome will love to visit your home. They can also be grown indoors in pots. You should be able fit a tree into a small garden.

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Consider adding perennials to the flower beds of your small garden. These plants are best for small gardens because they will come back year after année. An annual flower will need to replanted each season, but they will keep their color throughout the year. They can be either an annual or a perennial plant, depending upon their needs. To ensure you have enough space for a small garden, and that it meets all your requirements, plan ahead.

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Small Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces