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Elevated Garden Beds For Planters

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Elevated gardening beds are great to lift your plants up from below the ground. You can make an elevated bed from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Metal and cedarwood are both great choices, but it is also a popular material for making these structures. While cedar wood is an excellent choice for this type structure, metal is a better choice because it is lightweight and stronger. Metal is cheaper than cedarwood and can be just as strong against the elements. Plastic is another good choice because it is durable and cheap.

Elevated gardens have the advantage of making it easier to water your plants. They are not susceptible to weed seeds as they are higher than the ground. You don't need to worry about waterlogging or soil drainage issues. The elevation also helps retain soil, so you don't have to water as often. Because your plants are higher, you don't have to worry about weed seeds growing in your garden. They won't grow as fast in soil that's not at eye level.

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If you're planning to use a soil based elevated garden bed, be sure to line the bottom with landscaping fabric. This will prevent soil from running away and preventing potentially damaging plant contents from leaching into the ground. Bottom liner is also useful to keep your wooden floor from turning brown. The best way for soil to be maintained is by regularly adding compost and earthworm-castings. You should also rotate the soil in your elevated garden bed every year to ensure it's fresh and healthy.

The lengths of the posts must be cut flush to the ground when you assemble an elevated garden bed. A hand saw is the best tool to ensure that your measurements are correct. You can also use a circular or circular saw. After the legs are completed, attach the side pieces to the bed. Screw a 1'' x 2'' piece along the inside bottom of the sides to form the bottom of the elevated garden bed.

A raised bed can be a good choice if you don’t want to invest the time or money in building an elevated garden. These beds are strong, sturdy, and simple to assemble. They come with basic instructions that will make building a raised garden bed a breeze. Plant your herbs and veggies in the raised bed to reap the benefits. The raised garden bed is easy to maintain and you don't need to rake or dig it.

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It's best to select wood that will not rot if you plan to plant wooden garden beds. Cedar "2x” boards measure generally 2'x6", however, you can also use 2x4 and 4x4 boards. You can purchase recycled composite plastic lumber in many sizes and colours. Measure the area you wish to place the bed before you begin cutting boards. Use a square to mark the ends of the boards and then saw them to size. Once they are cut to the right size, screw them together by putting two screws in each corner. Place blocks underneath the bed after the frames are assembled.

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Elevated Garden Beds For Planters