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Gardening Tips For April - Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

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It's time for spring to start gardening. There are many ways to prepare your soil and garden for spring. If you live in the Pacific Northwest then you should begin mulching and adding compost and fertilizer. This will prepare your garden for the coming season. A well-prepared garden will improve your plants' yields and the overall health of your soil.

You should start slowly if you plan on planting a garden or transplanting an old tree. It may seem tempting to plant your tree now, but you will not be able to transplant it before late April. Luckily, the months of March, April, and May are ideal for pruning evergreens, so it's best to start small and make small projects first. Listed below are some of the best gardening tips for April.

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Floating rows covers are a great way of keeping pests away form seedlings. Although they don’t offer any protection, they help keep pests out of seedlings as well as other plants. Another great way to keep weeds under control is to keep the ground around your daffodils covered with a layer of mulch. Depending on where you live, you may also want to consider covering your fruit trees or berries with a thick, floating row cover.

Once the mulch has been removed, you can begin planting early perennials. If the ground remains too moist, cover your rows with row covers until it becomes dry. However, indoor seedlings can also be transplanted. But it's best that the soil has dried completely before any heavy work. Then, divide your annuals or divide perennials. These tips can help you make a great start to spring.

April is a great month to prepare your garden in time for spring. You can plant daffodils and crocus, and even plant your first garden bulbs in April. If you live somewhere colder, fertilize any early-planted garlic with a high nitrogen source such a bat guano, blood meal, or other similar substances. Leaf lettuce and spinach can be planted in the meantime.

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If you live in the arid, desert, or mountainous regions of the United States, you may want to start your garden now. The northern California climate is still mild. You will need to avoid frosty springs if you want to grow your favourite plants. However, perennials can be grown to take advantage if the climate is milder. Mulching is essential because the weather in the west can be difficult for plants to grow.

In the southern part of the United States, gardening in April is ideal. It's still mild and rainy enough to keep plants happy. Planting warm-season vegetables will be possible in late April. You should also plan for fall planting if you live in a warm area. If you are in the south, it is best to begin your garden in April.

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Gardening Tips For April - Get Your Garden Ready For Spring