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How to Make Hay Bale Gardens a Success

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These tips can help you create successful straw bale gardens, regardless of whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner. To maximize space, the bales must be constructed well. Overwatering can lead to water rushing through the bales, which can result in nutrients being lost. Bales should be treated once a week with dolomitic lime, a balanced fertilizer and pesticide.

You can fertilize your bales on days four to six after you have potted them. You can choose between half a cup of urea (46-0-0) or one cup of ammonium sulfate (21-0-0). The number following the name of the fertilizer will indicate the amount and type of potash, phosphorous, or nitrogen it contains. A high source of nitrogen will speed up decomposition and conditioning. To keep the mixture moist and free from weeds, you can water the bales daily.

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Water the bales daily. Every day, you can apply fertilizer. A little bit of seaweed, or compost tea can be added to the soil before planting. Old cloth can be added to the soil, which will also decay with the straw. Make sure to water your bales on a daily basis. You can also use drip irrigation to keep your bales wet. You can also fertilize the bales with an organic fertilizer similar to what you would use for an inground vegetable garden.

Once you have established your straw bale gardens, you can now start to plant your seeds. Planting seedslings or transplants is possible as well. To avoid disease and overcrowding of plants, be sure to allow enough space between them. Watering your straw bale garden properly every two to 3 weeks is crucial. Over time, the soil can dry out and eventually break down. You can cover it with landscape fabric or you can use it again.

Before you start planting, wait until straw bales are at 150 degrees. By day 10, the temperature will become too high for plants to grow. You can soak the bales for a couple days in water to reach the desired pH level. It's now time to plant them. Next, it's time to re-moisturize your bale.

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You should ensure that you choose plants that need a lot of sun when planting straw bale gardens. Although tomatoes can be grown without any special fertilizer you should still plant them in areas that receive six to eight hours of sun per day. The bales are very heavy so you will need to be careful. After they have been watered, it will be necessary to help set them up.

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How to Make Hay Bale Gardens a Success