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Vertical Herb Planter Kitchen Designs

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Vertical herb planters are a great way of adding herbs to your home. You can use either a small wooden box, a small plastic container or a simple wooden stand. There are many options and many designs that can be used for multiple purposes. Here are some tips for creating your own vertical garden. Make a base to hold your vertical herb garden using a 1x6-inch board. Then, cut one end at a 45° angle and attach it on the front. This can cover the open space underneath the bottom shelf and hide the empty space.

Basil is a common herb that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Basil can be grown in a vertical herb grower for its flavorful and fragrant leaves. There are many varieties of basil. If you'd like to grow a vegetable garden, you can use a felt pocket system. A vertical herb garden is not dependent on soil for moisture maintenance, unlike a crate.

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- Build a ladder: Vertical herb gardens can be hung from a pole. It can be hung in your kitchen or outside, and provides plenty of natural light. You can make it out of 1/4" rope and a piece of pine board. To hang it on a ceiling or wall, place it in a sunny location, with plenty of sunlight. You can even make the shoe organizer yourself.

- Use office supplies to create a vertical garden: An office supply can double as a planter. Charm inspired Charm to plant a vegetable yard using a hanging folder organizer. The wire compartments were lined with hanging basket liners. These would make excellent herb storage containers. An easy way to grow vertical herbs is to make a DIY paint-can herb garden. You can also buy dock cleat hangers and quart-size paint cans at a local home improvement store.

Choose a planter with at least two to four containers for vertical herb gardening. Planters should be placed in a sunny area. The herbs should also be protected from the cold by keeping them from damaging the plants. A sturdy vertical herb grower is a great addition to any home or apartment. These containers can be used to grow many types of herbs, without the need to worry about pests. These containers will not only look great but also function well!

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With cedar fence pickets, you can create a vertical herb plant. This will make a great addition to your kitchen and look great against a fence. A cedar picket should be 33 1/2" in width and 3/4 inches thick. You must attach it with staples, wood glue or finish nails. To allow water to escape, leave an extra 1/2" at its bottom. These are some helpful tips to help you create a vertical herb garden.

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Vertical Herb Planter Kitchen Designs