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How to Protect Your Garden from Animals

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A variety of methods can be used to protect your garden and prevent pests. Animals in the garden can range in size and habitat, so it is best to keep the garden out of their reach. You can put up a fence. A six-foot fence is enough to keep out a bird, but bear, elk, and moose can also visit. These animals don't generally eat plants, but they can catch small birds and rodents.

An electric fence can help keep pests out of your garden. This is a costly and unreliable option, but it can save your garden. Pests are inevitable in nature, and if they are not controlled, they can ruin your plants. Identifying your garden pests is the first step in controlling them. An electric fence can be installed around your garden to provide security. This fencing method is ideal for small gardens, as it is more cost-effective than a permanent fence.

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An automated mechanical trap is an effective tool for capturing pests. These traps use steel cages and bait to lure animals to a trap. Once they are caught, you must decide what to do. You might need to move them to another location. Other devices may also be used to repel garden pests. Motion activated sprinklers can also be used to scare off pests. Properly installed, these devices may help reduce pest populations.

Regularly inspect your plants for signs of insect infestation. If you notice signs of insects, spraying them with pesticides will prevent them from spreading their eggs and larvae around your garden. It is impossible to eradicate all insects, and they could spread the disease to other plants. It is best to inspect plants regularly for damage to minimize it. You'll be able to ensure that your garden is safe and will continue to produce healthy plants.

Electronic devices and chemical sprays can be used to deter birds. Some of the most effective ones emit ultrasonic signals, which frighten birds away. The noise can be irritating, especially if they are placed in close proximity to the garden. Others types of repellents for birds are made up of nutrients. If none of these options work, a bird spike that can be re-used is an option. You can also use a scarecrow to mark the locations of your target plants.

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Cats and dogs are great ways to protect your garden. Dogs will guard your plants during the night and alert you to any problems. Farm rodents can be kept under control by cats. A vegetable garden will be protected from pests, mice, rats, and other animals by adding rosemary, cilantro, oregano and/or sage to the soil. A strong scent of oregano will also keep strays at bay.

You must choose your plants carefully for winter gardening. Some plants are not as hardy as others, such boxwoods and bigleaf-hydrangeas. It's possible to have a disastrous outcome if the type and variety of plant you choose for your garden is not chosen carefully. Even though some plants are marginally resistant, they can still survive mild winters. However, they will die when temperatures plunge to below zero.

How to Protect Your Garden from Animals