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Virginia Tech Gardening and Cooperative Extension Publications

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There are many ways you can get Virginia Cooperative Extension publications free of charge. These materials are published for general public use and may be reprinted with a citation. They are free. Authors can buy copies to distribute. Faculty members and staff can purchase printed copies from the VCE Storefront. All Virginia Cooperative Extension publications may be downloaded for free from the VCE site.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, (VCES), is focused on agriculture, agribusinesses, home economics and community resource development. Extension is part of a combined federal, state and local program. It aims to maximize the knowledge from land-grant universities. This information can be passed on to citizens in a useful way. An example of an extension program is the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Insect Identification services - Virginia Cooperative Extension provides a Plant Disease Clinic for the identification of insects and other pathogens. It can diagnose many environmental and plant problems. It can identify weeds, mushrooms, or any other kind of plant. To aid in identification, they can also analyze digital photos of plants and bugs. Cooperative Extension offers many publications so that you can find the one that is right for you.

It is important to choose the right date for vegetable gardening. You must choose the right planting date to ensure a successful crop. Vegetables have different growing requirements. USDA Plant Hardiness Zones will help you choose the right planting dates for your area. This publication also provides guidelines for plant spacing, seeding, as well as the number of plants per 10-foot line. This information is vital for a successful garden.

Growing apples in your own garden can be a rewarding experience. The key to growing apples in your garden is to be knowledgeable about the trees and their needs. Good soil drainage will prevent disease and increase the quality your crop. Virginia Cooperative Extension has many educational and technical resources available to gardeners and farmers. You can also find many online resources for home gardeners in addition to printed publications.

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The topography of Virginia and the region's large area allow for different varieties of fruit to be grown. State apples are grown on an average 13774 acres. Peaches are grown annually on an average of 175 acre. Virginia boasts a total of 99 acres for sweet and tart cherries orchards. Their annual peach and apple crop is the sixth largest in the country and the state's peach production is estimated at $35 million.

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Virginia Tech Gardening and Cooperative Extension Publications